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script writing, content planning, storyboarding


whatever it takes to help you develop your idea into a plan


professional videography and audio recording


we use:

Canon and Sony cameras with 4k capabilities

Limited drone footage

Wired + Wireless audio recording


professional video editing


Promotional videos

Hype videos

Sports reels

Product videos

Real estate videos

Social content videos

+ more

+ More

social content posting, short film creation, etc.


however we can grow your business, spread your ideas, tell your stories, or help in creating something you're proud of--we're all in.




Hi, I'm Katie! I was born and raised in Paducah, KY, and currently live there with my boyfriend and two cats--Dahlia and Gabe. I graduated from Murray State University with a B.A., majoring in television production and a minor in creative writing. I'm a co-founder of t8fp, Pisces,  avid player of The Sims™, and thrift store enthusiast.

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The 8th Floor Productions

est. 2018

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We met in 2016 on the 8th floor of the Fine Arts building at Murray State University, which housed the Television Production program. It was there that we gained our experience and love for the videography industry, poured hundreds of hours into the editing lab, graduated with bachelor's degrees in December 2017, and got the idea (and the name!) for the company we would find ourselves starting after graduation. The 8th Floor Productions, LLC (t8fp for short) was founded in January 2018 to pay homage to where we got our start together. Since then, we have created countless videos, served 100+ clients, and have never looked back! 



Hey, I'm Allison! I'm from Lexington, KY, where I currently live. I graduated from Murray State University with a major in television production and a minor in advertising. I'm a co-founder of t8fp, coffee addict, lover of all things bread, and social media connoisseur.

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