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Over the past 5+ years, The 8th Floor Productions has been creating videos for many different reasons, but one of our most special client bases has always been weddings. Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, and should be documented with care and complete dedication. This is why we have started With Love.


If videos were a recipe, we think it is 1 part knowledge + 2 parts experience + the secret ingredient that sets some above others. The secret ingredient is doing what you love, with love. If you love what you do, that shines through your work, and we strive to showcase our love for what we do through each video we create.


As you celebrate your love on your special day, we will be there with you and for you, to help you decide the most special pieces to capture and to celebrate the day with you by making it the best it can possibly be. No wedding can ever be 100% perfect, and we won't guarantee that, but we will strive to make it as close to perfect as possible, and to capture it for you to reminisce on for all the years to come. We promise to always create your video with love.

Keep scrolling for more information about our wedding videography (yes, this includes elopements!), examples of our wedding work, and all of the ways to contact us. 

with love,

Katie andAllison

Wedding Videography

We offer 3 standard packages for wedding videography. Customizations + add ons are available.

Our packages start at $1500, and are detailed out below.

We love to travel, and up to one hour is included!*

Our packages offer at least one in-person meeting before the wedding to ensure we capture your day as perfectly as you planned. 

Elopements, reception-only, ceremony-only, and custom quotes are available upon request!

*travel rates depend on event dates and times. Pricing

rates are a 1-hour radius outside of Paducah, KY and Lexington, KY. 



With Love wedding films

Hannah + Cole

Jana + TJ

Frances + Cameron

The Essentials

This package includes videography coverage for

up to 7 hours.

Your final video will be 7+ minutes in length and edited to music.


digital download + flash drive

culled clips.00_05_13_28.Still001.jpg
culled clips.00_04_24_03.Still002.jpg

The Classic

This package includes videography coverage for

up to 8 hours.

Your final video will be 8+ minutes in length and edited to music, and your choice of one professionally recorded audio option.


digital download + flash drive

The Timeless

This package includes coverage up to 9 hours.

Your final video will be 9+ minutes in length and edited to music, and your choice of two professionally recorded audio options. Also includes a short "sneak peek" delivered before your final, full-length video!


digital download + flash drive

culled clips.00_00_31_27.Still003.jpg

Have questions?

For more info about what we do and audio, click here or contact us directly!

For pricing, availability, and all other questions-- please contact us!

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